"Girls Would U Fuck Tonight" lyrics - KOOL KEITH

"Girls Would U Fuck Tonight"

Yo Keith, yo this is Mark yo
I got this fine-ass bitch in the Pelican right now
Suckin my dick and lickin' my ass on the drum machine

[Kool Keith:]
Yo put that motherfucker on the phone...
Whassup baby? I heard you like cherry lubrication
Your girlfriend called me last night
Told me she liked to get fucked in the ass

Don't be so stiff, take your panties off
Get in the fuckin' tub, here's a washcloth
Warm tea and chicken broth
My arousal, you fuckin' it off
Teasin me with a thong on
You look sexy eatin popcorn
Camcorder ready your pussy is warm
Fuck rotation, listen to the quiet storm
Play with yourself in the shower, I'll be jerkin off while you gone
Stick my tongue in your ass to fight your arm
Strawberries on your clit, that's the bomb
Baby all dick in my palm
Cock your ass up and remain calm
Penetrate where you fight it
Pull your panties to the side, you like it
My chest, you lick and bite it
Hair on your pussy, don't hide it
That gets me excited
Plane flights, fuckin' you in mid-air on United
Your G-strings is wet, I'm delighted

Girl would you fuck tonight?
Suck the dick, let me lick the clit

Watch you piss in the toilet bowl
I get freaky, watch you drink milk with diapers on
Lick around the cat bowl
Pull out couch unfold, pierced belly button
With black leather boots you showin me your asshole
Lubrication grease and Pentax camera
You sold all my stamina
The way I house see
I lick your pussy from the back on the balcony
Witcha girlfriends surroundin me, watchin VHS with me
Suckin your breasts your secret fantasy
Is to suck my dick in the pickup truck, and have sex
While you bump your CD by Next
I rub my hand and face and smear sperm in your chest
Spread your legs wide, I see the pink in your pussy flesh
Open it down South, wipe my cum from around your mouth
Watch my testicles regurgitate
Fuck your girlfriend, I put fingers in her ass, she like to hate
You trust me, put on your lingerie and have faith
Condom on my dick, let's be safe

[8x to fade:]
Girl would you fuck tonight?
Suck the dick, let me lick the clit