"Spank-Master (Take Off Your Clothes)" lyrics - KOOL KEITH

"Spank-Master (Take Off Your Clothes)"
(Esham / Kool Keith / Santos)

Remove your clothes
Take off your clothes (Strip!) [3x]

[Kool Keith:]
Out the shower, we butt-naked
Cash and ass, we don't fake it
Measuring tape, by four she'd take it
Mouth is open, nuts you ate it
Player on the side, I know he hate it
Alligator shoes, I'm tailor made it
Fuck high-class, we move low-graded
Last night what, she masturbated
Hit the club, my last dance got rated
Switched girls, every time we traded
Call girls, we always date it
Mascale, we always state it
No weave, we like it braided
Girl, you don't know me

Maxin' hoes
Rollin' Vogues
On limosine Cadillac's
Get in and get ya booty smacked

Come in cowboy like we western
Naughty girls you learn your lesson
Spanked, whipped, or Smith and Wessoned
Feel your breats, bite your chest and
Shit on ya shirt, pee on ya dress and
Tossin' salad, face all mess and
Superman, big shirts with the S and
Every eastern, Charleston Heston
Go to church, Bible blessin'
Here for ya talk, and tell a confession
Audience clap, we still guessin'
Tripost camera, back to the session
Move all panties, we progression
Promised sex, so we protestin'
Filthy sheets, ice cream made a messin
Come upstairs, ring the bell keep pressin'

Remove your clothes
Take off your clothes (Strip!) [2x]
Remove your clothes
Take off your clothes