"Jewelry Shine" lyrics - KOOL KEITH

"Jewelry Shine"
(Kool Keith / Santos)

I murder raps perhaps you come and get on
Serious to spit on, flow on, double tracks and go on

Switch up the beat, practice tactics girls who bore me
Throw the booth hit the matress, nigga you lack this
Fakin jacks like an actress

The more the time orgy, the more the rhyme'll be
Off the hook you shook tours and shows to book

We gettin' live tonight, shut down Jive tonight
Move like planes in flight, lyrics are built and tight
Changin four lanes again, fools get tamed again
Clothes the right position, asked my name again
P.I. flossy, why would you talk G
Crowds'll hawk me, women support me
Danger deadly, she make it clap B
(Do you wanna spend some time?)
(Let your jewelry shine)

[Kool Keith:]
Girl turn around, let me peak at your thong
Table dance around - five dollars a song

Booty shorts is on, buttcheeks is warm
Pros move and perform, double back to the back
Let me touch your cat, supermodels'll cum
Chillin' back with the hoodrats, single to broke
Give 'em out 'cause it's like that, throw 'em a stack
Opportunity smack, boss game you lack

Big girls and poles, flip steady like an acrobat
Rotate and shake around, bring small hate around
Bubble with funk quick, three thousand data sound
Floss your campaign, your man with champagne
Nothin' to do, catch the freak spot when it rain

Get out the lane bro, it's still the same yo
(Do you wanna spend some time?)
(You gotta let your jewelry shine)

[Kool Keith:]
First reverse, my mink long with my coat on
My song playin', my CD pump that I wrote on
Feather in weight, my sneakers light when I float on
Takin' my glasses off, butts around are soft

I come around people peak, but scared to cough
One major label like you cryin, you wanna get off
My closet pack, rappin' for a stack with more
With Puffy and Jennifer cookouts, ridin' along
On top of my building, midtown, playin' some golf
6:30 with state, on phone, with Gorbachev
Mafia contracts, gettin' rappers knocked off

Takin' pictures with Michael Jackson and the 7 Dwarfs
[Repeat "dwarfs"]

(Do you wanna spend some time?)
(Let your jewelry shine)
(Do you wanna spend some time?)
(You gotta let your jewelry shine)