"Dark Vadar" lyrics - KOOL KEITH

"Dark Vadar"
(Esham / Kool Keith)

I have two tickets to the NAACP Awards
The Image Awards
Secret Servicemen, you can sit down
My seats are in the front row, I hate to be so arrogant
But I am...
I have two tickets, Keith, and Esham
And also, backstage passes
For the afterparty, thank you

[Kool Keith:]
Black starship control, walk like I'm Darth Vader
My green limousine, purple Maury alligators
Glow in the dark Pele jacket
Shoes shine in your face accurate
Never seen a leather jacket with lights in the back of it
Custom made by the kids who sew and makes clothes for Prince and Sisqo
I'm 2004 beyond the average club music and disco
I take cities by storm
Drop deep like hills in San Francisco
Cookout with hoodrats and fried chicken and Crisco
After dinner, girls come over in lingerie
Bake sugar cookies and ginger snaps from Nabisco
Even nighttime, we bust a night rhyme
Ridin' fluently into the mountains with briefcases countin'
Millions and billions and zillions
And quintrillions, in mansions talkin' to chameleons
Dark Vadar

[Chorus - 4x:]
Dark Vadar, watchin DVD's with his new fader
And may the, force be witchu

Back on the scene with a pocket full of green
And I'm speedin like I'm caffeine
Intergalactic, super tactics, sultan with this rapping
Pull up, tinted out limousines, in Detroit I am never seen
Plus I keep a motherfuckin laser beam
To blow away your motherfuckin pale team
Crazy as this shit might seem
Livin' in a nightmare, not a dream
All my life I been a microphone fiend
You want the title? Step in the ring
You ain't tryin' to hear me, get your ear bit off
May the force be witchu when I turn your shit off
Star Wars, me and Keith in the bar with scores of whores
And the tours for whores
Pimps push Cadillacs
Gorilla macks swingin' the battle-axe
Since I was sippin Similak
But I wanna be breastfed by Princess Leia, playa
Me and Keith new millennium rhyme sayers
Too futuristic, for you to miss this shit
And if you do, may the force be witchu