"Stoney Jackson" lyrics - KOOL KEITH

"Stoney Jackson"

[Kool Keith:]
This is a message - yeah
To all you jheri curl, cats - SOLAR - yknahmsayin?
You Chic kids, seventy-four niggaz, SEVENTY-FOUR niggaz
Fuck that I remember them niggaz with jheri curls
Nobody's hardcore niggaz who souped up ready for the world
Babyface in the deal, I keep shit real
Activator spray, you know how that shit feel
Only SOLAR Records was signin niggaz with curls
And givin' Afro Sheen niggaz a deal
Aluminum foil suits, you niggaz know your roots
Like undisputed truth, lakeside, music niggaz, Zapp clap niggaz
I referee, watch them fight backpack niggaz
Big groups like Heatwave and War, carryin all that shit
Amp and costume shits on tour

Wake up!... The sun's in your face
The sun in your face
Wake up!... The sun's in your face
The sun's in your face face face face...
Wake up!... The sun's in your face
The sun's in your face
Stoney Jackson!

[Kool Keith:]
Fuck you liar, tryin' to come like you Earth Wind and Fire
Sly Stone picture with a DJ and a Numark mixer
Niggaz on Julius Earving dick, use a 76er fake Sir Nose
Larry Blackman was dissin rap with Cameo
I had my Lee dungarees on, and my right arm pickin' my afro
Slave was my niggaz, I bought ten cans of gel activator
When Atlantic Starr was payin' no mind to me in the front row
I wasn't FUCKIN' with the Isley Brothers, the Gap Band
On stage all them shiny motherfuckers like Clear and Pure Energy
More jheri curl niggaz flyin into LaGuardia and Kennedy
I'm before rap, FUCK YOU, I'm the Public Enemy
Madison Square Garden security can't get with me
Don't bother me, motherfucker I'm busy!

[Kool Keith:]
This is my land, fuck K-Ci and the Sunshine Band
Wack-ass leather gear with them metal chemicals around your hand
Two niggaz comin' out with that same shit like Bootsy
You ain't a true nigga
Alexander O'Neal perm type shit on your Ampex reel
Jimmy Jim and Terry Lewis production
Got Morris Day on the SSL board
With fucked up beats that need reconstruction
Vest on the cover of Jet with liposuction
Jheri curl niggaz like The Time got fucked up on their publishin
From TKO to Con-Funk-Shun, the Jet album was hot
The Family shit was bumpin
Fuck what you thought Stoney Jackson you was somethin'!