"Drive All Night" lyrics - PETER WOLF

"Drive All Night"

I know I got a nasty reputation
I know I been bad but I always had style
So I understand your constant hesitation
I may talk big but I'n frightened as a child
I walk down the street like there's nobody better
Everyone I meet says what a lucky guy
Nobody knows a heart can be so lonely
Nobody sees the hurting inside

I'm gonna drive all night
Baby, just to be with you
It's gonna be all right
As long as I can get you you

I know I act like I don't need affection
Let 'em think I'm tough and hard as stone
And I built this wall around me for protection
Now the wall's so high I'm standing all alone
Now you're the one that don't ask me no questions
What's done is done and you take me as I am
I never knew a heart could be so lonely
I'll run to you as fast as I can