"Lost In Babylon" lyrics - PETER WOLF

"Lost In Babylon"

Floatin down the river in this bloodshot city
Back doores open, anything goes. Come on
Drug store beauties always on duty
They get the urge and the urge just never stops, come on

Hey tonight gonna make it something (happen)
Waited so long
Gonna leave it all up to you - all night

Shot sky high, let's go get it
Rockin' in Babylon
Do or die, jump right in it
Lost in Babylon

Shark skin shades a fat cat hustlin
The fish all bite but they don't get nothin - hey hey
Can't sit around just lookin pretty
They'll chop you up in this damn city - move on

Workin it up - shakin it up - bitchin around the city
Stickin around - take the town - gettin down and dirty