"Never Let It Go" lyrics - PETER WOLF

"Never Let It Go"

Woke up in Boston
First town I was lost in
Remember Edie
She stood right by me
And so I called her
Time hadn't stalled her at all
Don't you know we laughed the whole way
High and low
Next thing we were in L.A.
...Never let it go

Met up with Pedro
Way up in Frisco
We drank all day
In the all-night cafe
It felt so right
So good to know nothing's changed
The bad new about Edie
Almost stopped the show
You know I'll miss her always
...Never let it go

Shot up and knocked down
Kicked up and turned round
Lost in a tailspin
Trapped in a no win
Sometimes life leaves you
Crashed down with no where to go
Just keep on believeing
Don't ever - forever and ever and ever
Don't ever let it go

It's all still out there
Out in the night air
Don't ever mind it
Lose it you find it
Just keep moving
It's all a heartbeat away
I'll see sweet Edie someday
That I know
Love always finds its own way
...Never let it go