"Shades Of Red - Shades Of Blue" lyrics - PETER WOLF

"Shades Of Red - Shades Of Blue"

Killin time till it fades away
Just to get up to face another day
Rain - thunder - I can hear it getting louder
The pain - makes you wonder
And you ain't gettin' any younger

It ain't easy as black n' white
Things ain't as simple as wrong or right
Everybody seein' their own point of view
Shades of red, Shades of blue
Chill out baby keep it casually cool
With shades of red, shades of blue

And when you fall too fast to fly
And everything seems so cut n' dried
And when yo think you've found somethin'
It leads you from nowhere to nothin'
The pain's so hard to swallow
So you have to steal and borrow
Well, maybe tomorrow
You might find a road to follow
Maybe tomorrow

When you're feelin' left out and so confused
Gotta figure out what you need
What you can use
There's so many colors right in front of you
Shades of red, shades of blue