"River Runs Dry" lyrics - PETER WOLF

"River Runs Dry"

Hit rock bottom
On a deep six dive
Like a fish outta water
Just trying to stay alive
Gun totin' blue boys
Out on the take
Settin' you up
Like fattenin' frogs for snakes

I said hey hey what do you say
It's gonna be alright
Hey hey what do you know
Hey hey do you say
It's gonna be alright
It's gonna be alright

Juke Joint Jimmie
Thought he couldn't be beat
Cruisin' round town
Like he was king of the street
Sirens Screamin'
The night came undone
Till some one dropped Jimmie
With his own gun

You can't get blood
From a stone
You can't borrow timne
That's already blown
Livin's so easy
When you're livin' a lie
But you can't swim the river
When the river runs dry
The river runs dry, hey

Just lookin' round here
Is makin' me sick
This town is tired and broken
And too late to fix
It's all comin down
Brick by brick