"Up To No Good" lyrics - PETER WOLF

"Up To No Good"

Friday (what you say?) Friday
Gettin' by, by the skin of my teeth
Out of phase - can't remember what happened last week
Stirrin' it up right down to the bone
A 100 miles and hour in a dead end zone
My life gonna live it - like I want to
Jump in, Hey what you got to lose
Come on baby ain't you heard the news?

I'm up to no good
No Good
I'm up to no good

Midnight, flyin' high with the double dose crew
Green light - paint he town till it's black 'n blue
Somethin' more than candy on the tip of my tongue
If you hand around the hive girl
You're bound to get stung
Hold on, we ain't stoppin' when the clock says no
Who cares, it don't matter anyway
Come on baby, let's put the night away

I'm up to no good
No Good
I'm up to no good
Se-Seven days seven nights baby
Wanna see just how far we can go
Ju-jump back watch out baby
I't s heatin' up and about to blow
I said ew ew ew get ready now
Ew ew there's a drty work to be done
City lights - up tight - do it up - do it in
Red eyed flyin' high - get it up and make it stick
Who cares it don't matter anyway
Come on baby let's put the night away

No Good oh - I'm up to
(No Good yeah up to no good yeah)
I'm up to (up to no good)
No good I'm up to no good
I said Thursday Friday here I come
Make it stick
Come on baby (No good) No good
Ew ew there's a dirty work to be done
Come on baby don't stop
Here I come rock the clock
(no good) Yeah!
Midnight flyin' high come on baby
Don't be shy
Hittin' with a double dose
Kickin' round from coast to coast