"Fatal Euphoria" lyrics - STEEL PROPHET

"Fatal Euphoria"

Feel the rush as it tingles, tantalizing my spine
How many more times can my nerve endings explode
Jonesing again for that one last dose
Shove it in my veins until I'm comatose

When I'm gone I can't do anything
The beating of my heart consumes everything
Finding a cure for this never ending quest
I battle with the demon, he cheats me with his test
I have played the fool stuck pins into my eyes
My rage of hate attacked me haunts my soul and dies

[Chorus - repeat]

Why does it control everything in me
When I'm in control I know wrong from right
But when it's in my blood I can't put up a fight
Feeling weak and powerless I begin to cry
How could I betray myself to my loved ones
Cheat & lie

[Speed chorus]

I kneel before the god that stole my life
I am still alive in here but don't know how to die
Emptiness and tortured awash in misery
My body craves another fix I just wish to die
All the things I've lost and ruined repentance can't buy
When I'm stretched out on a slab no rush forever more

[Speed chorus - repeat]

As my mind breaks/sweats and my body aches/
Pushed up are the stakes/ - /
Will I live to see/my mind cleared of slavery/
My weakness cured by bravery/ - /

[Verse I - repeat]

[Chorus - repeat]

[Verse II - repeat]