"Souls Without Honor" lyrics - STEEL PROPHET

"Souls Without Honor"

Visions flash across your T.V. screen
Synchronized within society
Scenes of hatred and bigotry
Engulfed in bloodshed and agony
Distraught emotions of a weakened mind
Initiates violence through the media's eye
Hell only knows what possessed them to strike
Contorted reality rules their life
They long to be heros in a fictitious world they've created
Their wrath unfurls
Seek victims of an innocent nature
A tragic story of a child in danger
Seeking attention in misery evil thrives
Through a killers eyes
Death takes it's course through genocide
Then they take their own life
The consequences lies not behind
For now the gates of hell they soon will find
Their acts of malice are dramatized
The media renders us mesmerized
Signs of the time they lead us to believe
We are damned for which we do not understand
All justice is behind a system of confusion
Crime corruption, disease is omnipotent
Demand for blood and violent entertainment
We're lost in a void of hopelessness forsaken
I view the world and I'm not surprised what I see
As Armageddon unfolds on T.V.
Confined to flesh in this world of pestilence
Forever unrest the media has their audience
Blindly we fade into oblivion
Enter the new age of babylon