"Parthenogenesis" lyrics - STEEL PROPHET


Begotten from an elder age
History had turned the page
Were they real I don't know
Change reveals itself so slow
They flourished in their temperate
Crime beyond the boundaries of all time
Their lives memories hadn't been kept
Eons past them as darkness crept
Changes came into their lives
The strangest feeling they'd never known
They came to fear their end was near
What lay around the bend for them
Virgin birth that they once known
Began to cease the seeds once sewn
Antibiosins sprayed their seed to fatal
Legacy that fathomed time
Fell prey to our temporal climb
Sacred Womb Contaminated
Each Embryonic Cell Mutated
Atrophy- sins of flesh
Wickedness- engulfed by darkness
So it seems the end of their race
Their organs can not be replaced
Evolution changes slowly
Now it's time for them to die
Atrophy- sins of flesh
Wickedness- engulfed by darkness
Degeneration taking place
They feast on gore
Their drives misplaced
Atmosphere of poison gas
Their lives will not last
Their virgin birth is now abstained
To never live again
Parthenogenesis is stained
With birth must follow death