"The Inner Voice Silenced" lyrics - STEEL PROPHET

"The Inner Voice Silenced"

Dawning is now a predicted age
We're overpopulated rats in a cage
Slowly our freedom begins to erode
Governmental hypocrisy is bestowed
It is often said art imitates life
It seems now we're denied that right
Only confined to what they want us to see
They mold our minds to how they want us to be
Limited creations a fragment of the whole
Stifled expressions the truth untold
Freedom of religion, freedom of speech
So it is written, so practice what you preach
Contradicting our beginning they disregard the law
Exploiting all the violence as people watch in awe
Preference of eroticism
For individual taste
If you don't like what you see
Then get the hell out of their space
Declaring art obscenity they exclude you from their race
Slander you in the media they label you disgraced
Indifferences in all of us and intercrossing paths
Segregated by bigotry evolutions final wrath

Do you believe we're really free
If we can't reflect the world we see
Reality only black and white
Does freedom lie between wrong and right
Who decides what laws will change
Will liberty and justice still remain
If this is what the future shows
We'll all be slaves of mind control
Has America begun to weaken
Or revolution began to awaken
How can you blame us for being defiant
When our inner voice is silenced

I don't know what this transposes in reverse
And if an evil word appears it's not intentional
Record our political leaders
And study their subliminal hates
Censor my words, censor their schemes
They drove me to suicide
(Society shall sue them)
The media brainwashed me to love pursuit of things
And not to trust my inner voice so absurd they still defiled
Themselves and us by calling it the land of the
Free and the home of the brave