"Penance Of Guilt" lyrics - STEEL PROPHET

"Penance Of Guilt"

Forgive them father for they have sinned
Again and again
Pretending they know not what they do
When you know they'll sin again
Many people going down for the ride
On pedestals of fame in filth they hide
Use many words that cut like a knife
Stabbing the heart and draining the life
Lied and cheated on your spouse
Swore you never did
Your evil stays within you soul
From guilt you can't be hid
You and all you money, no charity
For the poor
Laughing at the crippled, you mock
And clam the door
No respect for women, they're just
A piece of meat
You steal a bloody profit on things
That should be free
Your capitalistic tendencies rot
Your soul within
The starving feast upon your blood
You disregard your sin
Remorse you will feel
And you must live with yourself
Repent your sins
In guilt you live your final days
In death free your soul
Preacher got busted and now he's not preaching
He is a hypocrite in prison who's weeping
In a lonely abyss of self pity and sorrow
Secret sins linger beyond our tomorrows
Seduced by temptation you taste the forbidden
Indulge in disguise to keep that side hidden
Now you are dying in disease you are stricken
Depression succumbs you near suicide you're
If you could only turn back time
Re-live your life and erase your crime
All the pain you've caused others before
To achieve your selfish gain
Now your soul is blackened
And your eyes are deranged
Your fate is sealed nothing can save you now
Your try to avoid the truth think you'll escape
Father please forgive me for life-long sins I've built
To avoid the fires of hell, eternal penance be my guilt
Sadistic Aryan fascist
Your mind is closed with hate
Burn in hell with your white supremacy
A bigot will seal their fate
Hunters of nature's creatures
That wear their fur with pride
You'll reincarnate as an animal
Hunted and skinned alive
Then upon your death bed
You'll confess your darkest of sin
A preacher recites your last rites
And your stairway descends!
No! No! No! No! Nooo! Lie! Lie! Lie!