"Prophecy Upon Us" lyrics - STEEL PROPHET

"Prophecy Upon Us"

Vigilante warrior champion
Battles of unseen forces that dwell among
The earth
Mystic seer of wisdom in solitary trance
Through divination foresees our future
In ancient tongue he chants
Vision of sorrow unfolding
An apocalypse closing in
Pestilence devours the realm of flesh
Humanity engulfed in sin
Beyond the gates of wisdom
Received by the chosen few
Embrace the chalice of knowledge
Awaken the awful truth
The wrath of the beast upon us
In the depths of our soul we feel
Instinctively within our hearts
A prophecy engraved in steel
Lead us not into temptation
Deceive us not into desolation
Unleashed hatred in our atmosphere
Upheaval of war Armageddon is near
Experiencing changes we can't understand
We hold onto faith while we still can
The earth is quaking
Our cities are breaking
Disaster will claim many lives
Murder and scandal
A burning black candle
Controlling the spirit of man
The earth now exists in a deadly abyss
Darkness has swallowed the light
Many addicted, seduced by the wicked
Join the flock of the damned
Salvation from sorrow
Deceived they will follow
Eternally in hell!
Now is a time to decide
To search our hearts and to realize
Our existence is not all in vain
There's a meaning to life it's not just a game
We were left behind, now we're caught in the middle
The future hangs in the balance like a riddle
So we live our lives for material lust
Awaiting judgment prophecy upon us