"To Grasp Eternity" lyrics - STEEL PROPHET

"To Grasp Eternity"

We seek for ways to connect
To a higher supreme source
Those that hunger for knowledge
Set their spiritual course
Just as a mirror points at another
Reflects an unending world
Aeturn divided makes waves of light
That spark and create all life
The never ending questions
Answers beyond our comprehension
That lead mankind to ponder through
The mystery of it's dimension
Time is a circle that measures decay
And points out change is at our hands
Can anything happen would seem to be true
As miracles sometimes do
Waiting for the Chakras to open our psychic doors
Of seven vital centers dormant deep within
The Kundalini will awaken and rise to
Enlighten us as we manifest through polarity
Escape this flesh reality, joining from the beginning
To grasp eternity...eternally
A soul is eternal, a fragment of the divine
As a circle turns on comprehend forever more
Do as thou will as long as it harms no one
Question all that you believe and know yourself
Inside and out
This concept is god!
Molecules are as one
All souls are as one, as psychic forces show
Your pain is mine, I wouldn't have it this way
So do unto others, our souls are as one!
Your pain is mine
I wouldn't have it this way
So do unto others, our souls
Are as one