"5th Wheel" lyrics - BIG K.R.I.T.

"5th Wheel"

If I got it, it's swangin'
If it's hustlin', it's bangin'
Screwed up in my change and you know I'm acting bad
24's on the ride, got some shawties inside
And [?]
I know you lovin' that

Ducked in my 'Lac, 5th wheel in the back
[?] tweeters, I'm riding out with my people
I'm down and dirty, ya heard me
Keeps a couple of bourbon, got a ho and she servin'
So, I'm swangin' and swervin'
Listening to that O-G Ron C, 8Ball MJG, Pimp C, and Bun B
I'm a trendsetter, born and bred gold getter
[?] Bentley grill, spray that shit canary yellow
Turn the heat up, blowing nothing but fire
[?] hoes naked, it's a sauna inside here
Pimps playin', I ain't playin', I'm a pimp till I die
Got a piece under the seat, if you still wanna try me, nigga
Never say it like I'm sposed to be
Any lame or [?] can't stand close to me
K-R-I-T, that's what hoes will chose
Still tippin' on [?] with the 5th wheel too


Yella yella here, yella yella there
[?] Pimp C wall, yellas everywhere
Yellas stop and stare
When I pull up in the 'Lac
I got a [?] that'll take me around the globe
And a flight attendant off in the back
Get a room at the hotel and it's got be that 1-12
Hit the strip in the A-T-L about 1:12 and met 112
A bad bitch that know me, fetish just to blow me
Talk fast about the cash but suck me off so slowly
[?] my homies, hit the club and I buy the bar like Slim Thug [?]
Down here be [?]
No loss because I'm undefeated, never been beat by an underachiever
One reason my beats be beatin', that program they call the reason
For the low any time or season, for any producer that wanna be me
On the 30 if you don't believe me, you get it cuh, so come and see me
Live in more, I teach that ass, that [?] I teach that class
The one time chance you'll never have, say you wanna do it big? You better pass