"They Gone Hate" lyrics - BIG K.R.I.T.

"They Gone Hate"

Yeah, yeah, Young Krizzle
What up, what up, ay ay
The boy is back, what up Walley (the boy is back)
New day and era man, new flow
[?] new [?]
I like this shit right here, it's real smooth
(I't's real outside the box) Check this out

Breathe with me, the wait is over (ah)
[?] deserve the crown you're holding, yeah
The future lie behind my Cartier lenses
I do me great so fuck your [?] pimpin
Rather stick to the streets and the code
Outflow a nigga damn near thirty years old
Not to be boastful but I'm so focused
Folk knew I was blowing way before I wrote this
My debut, I skate through
They love me so much that they must hate you
I call you're shawty Wednesday you call her your boo
She give me mouth to south and still dates you
I call it how it is, speak it how I see it
Too many kept [?] sparks in these regions
OG's taught me, told me don't save em
It's something like video games you just play em

They say we're trafficking
We say we trappin'
They like, I blew by accident
They gone hate but they don't know
They hate, they hate, (don't know)

I went from nobody to that next nigga
I went from no shine to diamonds on my neck nigga
It's a level of respect nigga
That I get from trap stars, hood hoes and them vet niggas
I speak when they ain't speaking
Touch the hearts of those they ain't reaching
I'm a hood [?]
I sit in the poor pit
And if it ain't about money then I bet it's on some bullshit
Ain't I bulshittin' either people
Either you catch ghost or that Pac man eat ya
Sliding deep in the game like wet wet
Mo fire, Mo hoes, Mo latex, safe sex
I take [?] for 06 & 07
I'm paradise with the flow my shit is so heaven
Heavenly father wait on me
The same reason they hate on you is why they hate on me
They don't believe


Young Krizzle
Three hundred third coast
What up Walley
Hood Fame shawty
What up [?]
They gon' start respecting me as a artist
Versatile with vocab shawty
Killin em
06 my year nigga
Most anticipated, yeah