"Putcha Sign In Da Air" lyrics - BIG K.R.I.T.

"Putcha Sign In Da Air"

[Hook 2x:]
Aye, put your sign in the air, if you're repping for your city
Put your sign in the air, that's if you're down for your street
Put your sign in the air, then throw it all for your block
Put your sign in the air, if you're from the QC

Aye, it's for the streets where I'm from, they're where we just stayed these days we take over, and eat them rhymes, and them beats
I'm the king of the Queens when it sold this shit
Cold clique runs in with G's
I'm a fly playa, when a dry playa put some eager side playa, you was meant to die playa
We can collide right here in the block, creep up on me, and you'll be our victim, whose spin stop
Rather be at the bottom peeping off with the top, we the boss Mississippi filling it up in every drop
KRIT mix tape known to leave the city in shock, when it come out look how quickly haters flock
Red likely in this game, but I never will stop
Leave them leaning like the hands on the Jacob Watch
Could you see here busters representing a bad brother
Aye throw it up for cousins hitting licks in your city

[Hook 2x]

Okay, I'm not the one to play with, I said that (I said that)
A head crack (A head crack)
A big dent (A big dent)
South side (South Side)
Roll out (Roll out)
See a hater, get a hater blowed out
I got a killer crew, pussy what you want to do
Trying to see your folk tomorrow, nigga better keep it cool
I try to keep it cool, fuck it but I keep a tool
Trick jumping out of line, I'll show you how to act a fool
Monkey see, monkey do, he can bring his whole crew
Smash like the ass now, forty four to twenty two (twenty two)
Preachers hear the pinnacle, repping for my thug niggas
Pimps, thirty third boys, killers, then them drug dealers
Queens didn't know that, killers can't hold that
You claim that you're hard, let me see if you can owe that (show that)
Me being defeated yet it ain't happened yet
Tell them that the K still hood, and he's back again

[Hook 2x]