"Bring It Back" lyrics - BIG K.R.I.T.

"Bring It Back"

Bring it back, bring it back
Bring a stack, bring a stack
That's right

For the streets, bring it back
For the hood, bring it back
For the beat, bring a stack
For the track, bring a stack

Hey, they ain't know I even rap like this
They ain't know that I can snap like this
Adidas 1's in the club got 'em thinking now
Get the fuck up out my way when I'm swanging out
I own the lane, nigga, and you ain't holdin' shit
I give you sidelines and that's all you get
You don't play no position in this rap game
You just gettin' towels, where's my water man
I rep the 'sip a lot and that dirty [?]
I got that focused flow, call it Tai-Chi
Or that hot shit, it's the same thang
The track's a telephone, I'mma let it rang
All the fuckboys, that used to doubt the K
Doubt the way I rhyme, doubt the beats I made
But I'm the one boy, I got that killa flow
And then they know, (worth a mil on the low)


Hey, these niggas sleepin' on the flow but I woke up
The industry was unfaithful, so it broke up
So I've been texting niggas for every track that come from me
Say you want a beat? Shit dawg, it ain't for free
Let's talk prices nigga, this ain't Wal-Mart
Let's status quo [?] lets see pie charts
We talkin' 1 stack, that's as low as I can go
You ask me what I think, (worth a mil on the low)
Yea, I came from the gutter, they say the K's a crisis
They ain't talkin' behavior when they say that he's the nicest
On the West he fire, up North he spit
He the truth in the A, in the 'sippi - the shit
Ask 'em 'bout me, they know the K is gonna blow
And it's the same thing, everywhere you go
I'm another breed of rapper with that killer flow
These niggas know, (worth a mil on the low)