"My Life Ain't Rosey" lyrics - BIG K.R.I.T.

"My Life Ain't Rosey"

Ok (yeah) let it roll do that (yeah)
Get some things off my chest do it with J.T
I ain't really had much support in this rap shit (nah)
Been doing it for about six years strong (six years)
Went from group to group to group (solo)
I'm solo man

My life ain't rosey but I roll with it (yeah)
Death comes real easy when it's hard living (it's hard living)
Dirty thirty born and bred it's where a nigga raised
Staying true to my ghetto trying to get paid
I love the girls but life was better until the bills came
They say they love you but they'll fuck you that's for real man
The minimum wage shit it never really lasts
The next resort is to pushing dro just to make some cash
They tell these niggas I was thrown in my past life
Tell them I strived for the cheese not that limelight
That fame shit is dangerous when it comes to flow
Niggas so focused I hear chasing at the rims and hoes
I never told to be this way nigga and that's for real
I'd rather stay true to myself and sign without a deal
I got to do it big 'cuz so we all can eat
How can I lose when all my siblings looking up at me
And all I pray is that tomorrow ain't like yesterday
My music's destined to live on once I pass away
I stay down in my town until they feeling me
Lack of support from my folk is truly killing me (fuck 'em then)
I tried lord but I cannot love my enemies
I'm surrounded and it feels like I cannot breath
But I can't let that worry me because I don't ask for help
I came here I been here I'll die by myself

[Hook 2x]

My life ain't rosey but I roll with it
My life is hard but I go with it