"I Ain't Playin No Moe" lyrics - BIG K.R.I.T.

"I Ain't Playin No Moe"

I'm talkin' 500 degrees straight out the coup
With some boppers in my ride and they head out the hood
In the hood I finally recognize the K and the truth
Before I die I promise I have my name on some shoes
No one sayin' what you usually get
I'm fresh off the dome, I ain't used to this shit
But the niggas out to fly like a bird since I've been on the curb
I only had one thing that's my balls and my word
Set a standard went to Atlanta with my crew
He my eyes and my ears but down here I proach
Down here I crush anyone in the face
What if their backs turn fuck it anyone replace
If I said it I meant what I did what I done
Kick ass [?] without using my guns
Without using my lungs, I still will make mils
I could die motherfucker, and I still will get deals

I ain't playin' with you niggas no more
That 44 get 'em make you hit the floor
And if you want it you can get it at the door
If it ain't about money stop talkin' to me hoes

Oh shit I did it again, ay hold up
Niggas got a problem with K, you best fold up
I ain't got time to play with no hoes
Unless they coming right off the track with my dough
A pimps ID's broke, I don't need it
Me not gettin' the deal, I can't see it
Fuck them niggas, I know they don't like me
And if they got a problem with Krizzle, they come fight me
Why a fuck nigga? they know they don't last
I don't care I conk ya are you don't pass
Queen city bomb, I'm known for that?
My one goal, gettin' that dough, watch me [?]
I ain't got problem with these niggas
Stop motherfucking cock blockin' me, niggas
And let's make something clear
I ain't never quit once in my life I touchdown each year


And one more thing, I never need a clique to be hard
I'm six foot but something else make me lord
Creep bitch hard [?]
Just to see what I got what I got in my garage
No peakin', but this weekend I'm freakin'
Somethin' I can cut and nonchalantly leave it
Never been a type of trick, no bitch
But I get that bit, and I trick that bitch
Move over, KRIT got something to say
He was alive last week but he's dead today
I ain't got time to play with yo
Baby sit ya, fuck nigga, I'm sayin' to you
Don't be talkin' that pop trunk 'cause I go and pop trunk
If you sleepin' with your bitch? something your headlong
This nigga's scared huh? that they don't wanna? you
And that cute? Mississippi