"See Me On Top Outro" lyrics - BIG K.R.I.T.

"See Me On Top Outro"

[Outro: Big KRIT]
What's the motherfucking deal baby?
Queens City, 3-0-B, man it's the outro
You gonna see me on top before it's all said and done
First and foremost, ain't none of this be accomplished without God man. Gotta put that first man
Shout out to my cuh, D-Knights, he get greater later
Money be slow progress, better than no progress
What's up [?]-T, my nigga flow, pop, what's up [?]
Hey [?], my nigga Esco man, my [?] know who she is dawg
Give a shout out behind the scenes, man smoke
J-L what's up Big Sant?
My [?] it's the [?], what's up DJ Folk, being bloated
Man, [?] polo
Them Southern ballers man, Joe Montana, Mo-Yo
What's up [?]
Holla my ladies [?]
What's up [?]
That nigga Terrance man, top of the line studio
What's up J-T
Give a shoutout my nigga A-T-L, Supaman, chyea
To them ladies on the come up my nigga
Man fuck it man, I owe it to the 'ssip man
Hey forget it dawg [?] motherfucking music
Shit too many niggas call, not enough time my nigga