"Love Don't Live No Mo" lyrics - BIG K.R.I.T.

"Love Don't Live No Mo"

You abandon me
Love don't live here anymore

Ay you abandon me
Love don't live here no more
I'm a P.I.M.P
Who you think you fucking with?
It's the K.R.I.T baby

Was a fine dime now turned that ho
Never would a let you in I should open that door
Say she like it real fast but she ride it real slow
For a couple of them dollars she get some head on the low
Met a broad I used to talk to back in the day
When it just was J.Scott now she call me BK
Tryna get up in my grill 'cause I got little change
Know I'm known around here so she want some street fame
I ain't living in the past plus I never turn back
Only thing a ho can do for me in give up them stacks
When that greyhound come shawty jump on that track
Get a nigga for his dough make him pay for that cat
Nothing free up in this game so you gotta make do
If I'm out here on the grind then you gotta be too
If you can't get down shawty I suggest you hit the door
You've abandoned me before love don't live here no more baby

[Hook 2x]

Things independent women making that cash
Don't be asking me for dough you best get up off your ass
Show some? to get you paid, let me know if you for real
If you see em doing good better get up in his grill
Here's the deal miss thang, all the dough go to myself
Cop that gator hat and shoes, you gonna get that matching belt
If you play your cards right, we can visit from the hood
Say your feelin' down and out? Well I'm doing pretty good
I don't think you understand, ain't no hope for a shawty
I just wanna get paid bring the dough to me shawty
If your man want you back, better go to him shawty
Even if you say you've change, still a ho to me shawty
Mind frame ain't been the same, ain't can nothing change that
You a stupid ass trick ay why the hell you came back?
You can't get down shawty I suggest you hit the door
You abandon me before, love don't live here no more baby

[Hook 2x]