"A Ghost Story" lyrics - BO BURNHAM

"A Ghost Story"

Two young boys in corduroys
Were playing with a ball.
Two young boys heard one strange noise,
Coming from the hall.

The boys stood still, well, still until
The door swung open wide.
And a ghostly chill and a real ghost, Bill,
Were heaved the heck inside.

The brave boy stood, as the brave boy would,
And said, "Hey, listen Bill!
We're here to hear you, not to fear you.
Tell us what you will."

The other boy wheezed and sneezed then seized
And vomited on the floor.
He shook his brain. He felt insane.
Nothing was real anymore.

"Ghosts are real?! They're fucking real?!?!?!"
He cried and shook and feared.
For nature's laws were gone because
A ghost had just appeared.

And on that night of fear and fright,
The brave boy had his thrills.
And the other one was fucking done
And swallowed fifty pills.


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