"Bustle" lyrics - BO BURNHAM


Writers like to talk about how things are or were "bustling."

The market was bustling on a bustling street corner.
In a bustling bakery, the muffins bustled in the oven.
"Don't worry, Rupert, the bus'll be bustling by in five minutes!"

I mean, I get it.
Bustle is a good word.
It makes total sense.

Whenever I'm in a group of more than three people,
All I can hear in my head is
Bustle, bustle, bustle, bustle.

I say it to myself, silently,
Even when people appear
To be trying to start a
Conversation with me.

A cute girl may be right in front of me,
Looking at my face and mouthing sounds,
But all I can think of is
Bustle, bustle, bustle, bustle.


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