"Acknowledgements" lyrics - BO BURNHAM

feat. Chance Bone

Thank you Richard, Ben, Pippa, and everyone at Grand Central Publishing. I am so grateful.
Thank you to the teachers who inspired me- Mrs. Burridge, Mr. Furlong, and many others.
And to George Carlin and Shel Silverstein.
And to Chance. Thank you.
-Bo Burnham

Thank you to my family, Penelope, Abbie, Allan, Lori, Ross, Wendy, Phil, Mickie, and Jennifer; the Theatre School; Ha Ha Tonka; Mrs. Aid, Mr. Smith, and Mrs. Reinholdt, who encouraged me to draw on my homework.
And thank you to Bo. He sure is nice for being so tall.
Big love to you all.
-Chance Bone


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