"Big Brother (Freestyle)" lyrics - BIG K.R.I.T.

"Big Brother (Freestyle)"

I like this beat
I mean it's just a loop and all
But, fuck it I'mma spit anyway
Buck, I'm just gonna spazz on these niggas real quick

[Big KRIT:]
Krizzle, he a new breed, life's like a movie
All the newcomers like, who he? who me?
Just a nigga straight up out the gutter With the skill to make a New Yorker wanna be Southern
Streetlights tell the stories of the real niggas
Pardon me if half the time I don't feel niggas
Like honestly, how the fuck you get a deal nigga?
I guess once I get on, I'mma have to kill niggas
Lord I was tryin' not to push it to the ledge
The grind ain't sturdy and we hangin' on the edge
Mississippi got next, you heard what I said?
Now still I'd rap some of the best when I'm dead
Check my cred, killer is a fact
I'm talkin' 'bout bars, I ain't talkin' 'bout pecs
When I get green like Gumby, I stretch
A pair of J's out the case, yea I'm that fresh
Yes, give me any beat and I kill it like it's livin'
I only do me, 'cause fuck how they feelin'
That green that I'm tottin' got me higher than the ceilin'
The whip color Sunny-D nigga, I'm orange peelin'
Streetlight chillin', niggas can't touch me
Car without an engine, bitch you can't budge me
Heard the lames hate me and they baby mommas love me
If they didn't handcuff 'em at my show they'd prolly fuck me
I'm a little crazy, I'm a little off though
Put you on display in the day like a car show
Toss you in the trunk and drive away with the cargo
All I see is snow-bunnies call me Donny Darko
Grill look mean on the whip it's a gargoyle
It's the shit niggas in the hood sell hard for
A fine crib and a Lambo Mercilago
A1 Credit and the next Top Model
But you know niggas
Think they guns can stop 4 niggas
Claim they hard as hell, but really ho niggas
Slow niggas never get paid
Gold diggers get played
And lame niggas never get laid
Unless they throwin' fetti at a chick that call me daddy
She bring me all the money 'cause she know that make me happy
Go out and break her back just to keep her nigga flashy
And see me on top, she thought it was a classic
I'm a nervous wreck on the mic, I keep spazzin'
Married to my money and she havin' contractions
Gave birth to money with [?] classes
My Tyler dig the new line of rubberband fashion