"Fuck Action" lyrics - BIG K.R.I.T.

"Fuck Action"

[Verse 1: Big Sant]
Yea, candy choppers, got a lot of boppers, I'm comin' down and I'm bangin' Screw
G-god forbid, when I wreck the [?], when I sold the [?], when I cop the blue
M-made in the south, p-paid in the South, these other niggas dead, savin' the south
Pretty young thing, p-play on the couch
I'm gonna flow [?] in her mouth
M-I KRIT gettin' letter baby
Woodgrains sittin' on leather lady
I ain't savin' I'm 'bout to spend it
She come down to the crib, I'm 'bout to bend it
[?] forward, heavy stroker, got to [?] and I'm stayin' on focus
If you don't believe me, you don't see not, I'm a pimp, got a bitch on speed dial
Hot yellin' momma hold my keys while
I'm in and out the bank in my reptiles
Callin' slow, holdin' out, her favorite song is slow it down
It's Big Sant, she like to call me Santi, down here keep me company
And all my shoes come from that Dundi, crocodile
That's not a knife, but this here's the price, if you dump twice then you pay me double
Rockin' [?] and I bought the bubble
Lookin' down on the Earth sittin' in a shuttle
Orbitin' the street, on the hunt for a freak
Make her cum more times than the days in the week
Straight to the bed, not on the sheet
I'mma smell [?] we can call her leap
I really pulled that bitch, really drove that car
Really pulled that stunt, really sniffed that bar
Really gone be rich, you can ask Big KRIT, top floor of a Ritz livin' life like stars
Candy lady, drinkin' drivin', ghost get in, I suicide
Trunk the loudest, never doubt this
If you ever did then that mean you lie
When Sant out better stay inside, I on the roll on my whip and drive
You should never, ever, ever, try to get this life without skills trainin' and a proper guide

Can't nobody do it like us
Can't nobody mix it chopped and screw like us

[Verse 2: Big KRIT]
Young Krizzle hop out, trunk on bang
Shawdy finna live with my candy thang
As I recline, deep in her spine, I put it out like a real nigga supposed to mayne
I'm talkin' all night freak, Where the work, make it squirt, all on my sheets
Give it real good till my eye roll back, let a playa blow that, put that ass to sleep
'Cause I ain't stallin in my dreams
I hear you callin' like my screens
I see you fallin'
In love with a playa, 'cause I be crawlin'
But real as a Chevy is when you ready
Eat it up, beat it up, when I'm in your belly
Never bust in between your [?]
But, I come in your dots, start makin' back, how you love that?
Let me take you all around the globe
The White Willow highs and the Codeine lows
Lick your lips as I dip, 'cause I know your pose
And Just sit as your grippin [?]
Let me hit your spot
Break your walls, and give it all I got
Till the award is late minute time overflow [?]
And pour out every draw
On time I soul
Caught no ends on [?] patrol
High way 6 (sex), I do patrol
If you speedin' up, then I work it slow
Turn on the light 'cause I love to watch it go in and out
Show a real nigga what that pussy 'bout
What that pussy be, what that pussy ned
Never ever hold back, let that pussy free
Say you can't take it all, let me see you try
If the bed was a cockpit won't you fly?
You can't deny, this be a 4 hour flight, you the head [?]
I hop out my drop, look what I got, I keep a bad yellow bone on the player circle
Whip it gold, the kush, it color purple
Did I do that? Just call me Urkel
Caught me green in the hardtop like a turtle
Sex on the beach but it ain't that [?]
Comin' onto me you knew I deserved it
If you dyin' for bed maybe I can would you
O-out out out out
Hey I could work you O-ut out out out
Cadillac lovin', no doubt
Cadillac lovin', can you get your flow up out my couch