"Doin' Numbers (Freestyle)" lyrics - BIG K.R.I.T.

"Doin' Numbers (Freestyle)"

[Big KRIT:]
I'm straight up out that 'sippi land
Country as I've ever been
Murder beats, urgently, call the track an ambulance
Member of that O.G., more ice than an avalanche
My life is a movie, minus all the cameramen
Minus all the microphone and undercovers haven' [?]
Kept me on 300 block, ballin like I'm Karl Malone
Probably with a chance to be, think my music classic shit
Break a trick
Give me what she got
If I [?] it, mansion, K-R-I-T ain't about that plizzay
What up [?] 1 and all the technigod DJs
I'm on it, on it, on it
Get to that paper, you can't be me
Even see me
If you'se a hater
I stand on my own two
Nigga what you gon' do?
Pump that shotty point it at your body 'till you're blown through
Mississippi connected to Florida what I'm on to
I'm bout it, you can't say I ain't warned you