"Don't Lose Count" lyrics - BIG K.R.I.T.

"Don't Lose Count"

Hey what that is? That's enough to live life we wanna live
I can count, a couple cars, a few broads, and a crib
I can count, it's simple math homie, this ain't trig
I can count, that's enough for us to do it big
I can count, don't lose count
Don't lose count
Don't lose count
Don't lose count

Okay, all my homies ridin' clean, it's only right we do the same
Keep my eyes open, just in case they play that murder game
Shit I don't trip, collect my chips and get my ass on
Did without my childhood years, so I get my mash on
Rather sit back, count stacks, and fuck groupie hoes
Stop smokin' bud on occasion, we blowing stupid 'dro
Never been the type to trip, but today we go stupid though
He ain't grown up to be me, so you don't even know
Makin' hurricane to the point they can't see the flow
Used to have a lot to say, but haters they don't speak no more
Shut down the street kitchen, niggas they can't eat no more
Do this like 24/7, so we don't sleep no more


Okay, you get a mil today, my nigga that's a mil tomorrow
I'm your local hood bank, if you need mils to borrow
No credit, no debit, I can deal with it
If you can't pay, don't lie, keep it real with it
Everybody wanna be a king or a kingpin
You a king, I'm a king, fuck it we all kings then
Did to me, all about your cavalry, and your king's men
Some niggas that will die for your shit that you believe in
Money just a tool, nigga, to find more time
To get more money, to get money and then die
I said:
Money just a tool, to buy a nigga more time
To get more money, gonna blow it all and then die