"The King Speaks" lyrics - BIG K.R.I.T.

"The King Speaks"

Ladies and Gentlemen, friends. I am speaking with you know, because if I wait too late, you will be too drunk to hear my words. Here is where civilization began, here in Africa, here is where the Greeks stole their philosophy, where the Arabs took their medicine. We Ugandans must be more proud of this history, we are independent living in peace as an economic power, Black power. Just like all you people thought would never be possible

[Big KRIT:]
Hey what it be in the CMA's it's your boy Big KRIT doing it big, my homeboy DJ break 'em off with the organization of DJs shawdy. It's the 3rd Coast Movement, Multi Alumni. I came here to take over, I came here to do it big for my state, goin' show 'em how we get down with the vocab and lyrical skill. I don't want motherfuckers to get it twisted like we really ain't spittin' about shit down here, cuz we got it man, we got that soul, we got that pimpin', we got that grind music, we got that street, we got that hood music, whatever you need nigga, we're versatile with vocab, we can get it and go shawdy