"Thisizkrizzle (Freestyle)" lyrics - BIG K.R.I.T.

"Thisizkrizzle (Freestyle)"

[Verse: Big KRIT]
Hey, they like Krizzle hats off to ya
I mash off in a C-Blue
He [?] the coupe, the roof is see through blue
It's okay, most days is more great
Still on the block like we crack pills and more yay
Fuck with me with a no-no, I never ride solo
Keep a heater underneath my polo, oh ho
Keep it on rush like the lo-lo
Fuck that, bust back
Double A down like nigga where your bucks at
Fuck cats get hit by the pound
His man [?] him up, so I had to lay him down
Crown me king, harder than Tyson when I swing on niggas
Underestimate my will to go and swing on niggas
Yea, the King back, them niggas better lay back
The only nigga in the bakery like where the cake at
Hoes go and weigh that, I got it by the caseload
Went to sleep in Spanish like all I heard was peso
Straight up out the bed to the cash I sell
Life of a hustler, I'm masked [?] till I'm dead
Ain't shit free, so I gotta make moves
I could win or lose, hell I'm still payin' dues
Not even Forrest Gump could run a mile in my shoes
These Force is a [?] these J's are retro
Really wanna live the life? Then let's go
Condos full of hoes, reminiscin' we smoke
KRIT fruit, coupes with no roof
My jewelry game sick, I need chicken noodle soup
I bit off the chain, bitch woof-woof
Stay up off my yard, the good lord let me loose
A dog in the booth, [?] what it do?
Keep a bitch on the squad that don't bark, just chew
The burner scare a nigga out his money like boo
Gunshots second window streets like clue
The DJ
Horrible, horrible [?] [?]
Fuck what you be talkin', whats a goblin to a gargoyle
I fold a motherfucker like cardboard
Concrete shoe, throw a fool in the harbor
If you float, let 'em live, if he die good
God flow, walk on water like I should
Get money, why not? I think I would
If I was in your skin, I'd do whatever I could
To get like me, to be on top
Behind Biggie, Andre [?], and 2Pac
I'm lava hot, your whole crew flop
I am and always was what you not
King of my own land
Pimp slap a peasant down with my strong hand
Don't test me boy, I'm a grown man
I been on my dick, I'm my own fan
Young Krizzle!