"Want Me Back (Freestyle)" lyrics - BIG K.R.I.T.

"Want Me Back (Freestyle)"

[Big KRIT:]
You say you cool now? Little confused now?
I ain't the one, I ain't that dude now?
When they ain't treatin' you right
When it's over, the curtains fall and you ain't blind by the light
You gonna, (need me)
Realize that things the best
And that whatever dwells in me set me apart from the rest, Shawdy
I'm a dip 'cause I hate to see ya
At your worst when the whole world need
I'm gonna leave where you stand then
Since I ain't the genre that's in demand then
You can't love me for me, I ain't your man then
They'll find you a quick substitute to stand in
Overnight you up and change, how can I trust you?
You ran around over town, how can I love you?
This on me, on TV like I was never yours
Like the movement that you had I was never [?]
They never knew ya, they just do ya 'cause you got bread
They took whatever you had, you never got fed
Spread rumors in the tabloids, you drop that
Lyrical age, what happened to your lock legs?
Now you let whatever bus [?] touch on ya
He got one hit song and you gonna fuck homie
Only to find out it never last
That's when you comin' back, what you want was real 'cause you tired of rap
Yea, you tired of them
'Cause I'm from the 'ssippi, you think I can't hold you down like Wayne & TIP?
Now come on
When they no longer believe, you find yourself runnin' back to me, baby
Hey, but I could do you one better
I could give you everything but you wanna settle
So come on
I ain't one of those skinny jean boys
You crushin' on the triple beam boys
I see you but, uh
They pass you around like a dutch
I think that I've had enough, of you embarrassing us
When I'm gone, 'cause it's cool, 'cause we all know that hoes do what hoes do