"The Moment" lyrics - BIG K.R.I.T.

"The Moment"

I' livin' for the moment, ain't no turning back the top is where I'm going
I'm hollin' out (chee-r -er -er -er)
Represent 300, in the hood, I got them talkin' 'bout get money!
I'm hollin' out (chee-r -er -er -er)
I do it for the streets, bone and bread on the hustle, don't sleep
I'm hollin' out (chee-r -er -er -er)
I'm hollin' out (chee-r -er -er -er)
I'm hollin' out (cheer)

My nigga know, them shawdies feel it
They see a star, they know it's in me
Redline every day, I rep until I can't, dawg
Clear day, don't hesitate yo Krizzle what they ain't, dawg
King -ing -ng -ng
Where every nigga bound to be
If I don't think it, who gon' think it, so I just keep crowning me
Next door, best door, do it for the streets
Something like a serial killer, a-ha, I murder beats
And like (chee-r -er -er -er)
I'm standing where I need to be
Spit that real shit, so real niggas gon' believe in me
3rd coast, all star, knowing we the best
If you thinkin' different, get it off your chest