"I Ain't Gone Play Wit 'Em (Freestyle)" lyrics - BIG K.R.I.T.

"I Ain't Gone Play Wit 'Em (Freestyle)"

I ain't gonna play wit 'em
Hey baby, Young Krizzle baby, Fuck what they talkin' 'bout
Been on my paper chase, no question I'm ballin' out
Purple labels and red, poppin' bottles and tag
Couldn't get you without it, but with a funny [?]
Modifying my swag, overdosing the flow
That KRIT blow get you gone, your ass gonna drip in snow
Fresher than fresh would know, I rap professional
Been in the game too long, how dare you say I'm next to blow
More like I'm the next to be king the king of those who think they dope
Swear they hot, swear they fire, swear they can't fuck with me though
But you can tell them I say, fuck I tell 'em I said
Your favorite rapper, favorite rapper, I think that I'm better

I ain't gone play with 'em, I ain't gone play with 'em, naaaahhh
I ain't gone play with 'em, I ain't gone play with 'em
Buck said don't play with 'em, [?] said don't play with 'em, naaaahhh
I ain't gone play with 'em, I ain't gone play with 'em
I ain't gone play with 'em

I bought this beat, I'm cheatah [?]
[?] my dream, they cannot kill me, it is in my dream
I ain't gone play with 'em

Alright, give me the beat, I cease to repeat
My flow so elite, raised to deceased
Kill competition, bomb my opposition
Like insurgents, I'm urgin' to blow up in the street
You ain't never seen what I bring to the game
Hol' new swag, hol' new slang
'Cause [?]
Niggas just call me on trizzaine [?]
I fresh out the trap, scared on lap [?]
But baby they ain't even know I can rap
Hands off the strength, I am a pimp
Been to the game to sit on the bench
Be on the bench when I am the coach
I kick you off because you're not a pro
I will retire, you will get higher
I'mma come back and put you on smoke
Fuck what you niggas think, fuck what you niggas say
I'm gonna get money as long as I'm lizzide [?]
Pull along sizzide [?]
You and your chick, the kind that gonna ask her is she gonna rizzide?
Krizzle, seven-four, fizzile [?] 'cause I spit that truth, how could I lizzie?
Born a king, been a king, be a king, stay a king, act as one until I dizzie