"Go Crazy" lyrics - BIG K.R.I.T.

"Go Crazy"

Digital Productions

I'm knee deep in the game
Guess who is back? Krit got the hood and the streets
King-Remembered-In-Time is what I'm destined to be
Lifestyle of rich and fame, yeah I'm destined to see
I'm on the road to the riches, like I'm expected to be
No Tom Hanks, but I'm still getting my mail
I'mma die while I stamp, yeah I'm sending to jail
'Cause all a hater live for is to see me bail
Like 'See Me On Top' wasn't expected to sell
Watch you shake your damn head at every bar I spit
That shit man you could see how far I get
I'm a mainstream nigga, but I'm far from commercial
I speak from the streets, and that's far from commercial
A local ass nigga with world wide flow
A small frame nigga with some big back doors
A humble ass nigga with a Christ like passion
Get my folk up out the hood and give blood to the bastards


When they hear that new Krit
Yeah the hood 'gon go crazy
I said the hood 'gon go crazy
Yeah they did my swag
The street'll love me, and I'll love them back
And when they get that 'Krit Krack'
Yeah the hood 'gon go crazy
I said the hood 'gon go crazy
Said they dig my flow, the whole world love me 'cause I'm
Bout my door

Aye I represent for the nigga that ain't got shit
Most shit can't have shit, 'cause he ain't got shit
They speak to me, 'cause I relate to their story
Born and bred in Mississippi, they relate to my story
Rebel flag flying, man fuck that shit
White sheet on their head, white chick on my dick
The whole world love the K, that ain't hard to see
So your shit got fed, nigga pardon me
Now you say you make beats, but none of them yo' tracks
Never seen yo' shit when I was in 'Illracks'
I'm on tv, never heard of you nigga
So don't be surprised if I ain't heard of you nigga
Word is that K emerged from a crack in the streets
Gave dope with the flow, mixed the crack with the beats
Words come to worse man, I go platinum at least
When they speaking 'bout the game, the problem's mentioning me



Im focused man