"Highly Anticipated" lyrics - BIG K.R.I.T.

"Highly Anticipated"

I'm focused in
Hey I got my swagger back, hey I got my swagger back
Hey, 6-0-1 motherfucker, do it big
Underground scenes, last mainstream artist underground
Nigga that [?] heard that

Fuck a nightrider, I'm a slab rider
And every yellow 'Lac look like I'm a cab driver
I'm that new school, I'm that throw down
I'm that rain on your ass when it pours down
Violently moving, consuming everything I see
An underdog, but a king's what I'm meant to be
Clap at a hater, my family's hunger is my motivation
I use the track as a pulpit to speak to congregations
I Mobb Deeper than than G-Unit, so I get away
They told me, keep going K, you're just one hit away
My beats is Heavenly shawty, but my flow is Hell
[?] my city when there ain't no dope to sell
I'm a street scholar, ahead of my time
I'mma a pro with the tool like [?]
Turning water to wine, I'm a miracle worker
If that 9 don't get you, that chopper'll hurt ya

Yea, I am cuz, better make way
Still gonna blow, I gives a fuck what you think man
'Sippi my hometown, where niggas don't play around
Show what gutter is when we lay down that four pound

The swagger simply genius, the flow retarded too
Same nigga cooking up the crack did the barbecue
And I ain't got no love for them niggas [?] talkin'
[?] when they outside of the club walkin'
Code Red, the K about to see a mil
Lights out for a hater if I sign a deal
Hey this is universal, NASA spaceship
[?] when we cook crack, so I knownin' that they taste it
They fiend for it, that Krizzle, that [?] basic
A lot of dope boys out here tryna duplicate it
[?] 18 in the Regal
[?] don't know about me yet, but I'm so illegal
I got that mic mentality, I tell 'em just do it
I pass the rock to the J's, don't let 'em shoot it
Hey this is real nigga, and that's on everything
I got the hood jumping bitch, and that's on everything