"Pull The Drop Out" lyrics - BIG K.R.I.T.

"Pull The Drop Out"

[Hook 2x:]
Pull the drop out, nigga [?] off [3x]

Pull the drop out swingin' lanes, showin' my ass
Hoe jockin' cuh they love the way my bumper drag
Penny pinchin' never pimpin' cuz we makin' stacks
Cuttin' corners, choppin' blocks (gettin' slabs and poppin' tags)
And won't no hater ever jeopardise my gettin' green
I got that krick krack on the low for these hungry fiends
Boys in the south on them 22's are better
Niggas wanna mug K bitch I'm like whatever
Ridin' 84's while I'm cheefin' on some [?]
Chevy creepin' crawlin' this the lowest on the totem pole
Presidential red carpet when I hit the scene
VIP up in the club with promethazine
Young and [?] to death with my fiddy cap low
Eyes closed, hater blockers on for them jealous hoes
Creepin' slow sittin' [?] with a yellow belly
I'm turnin' heads and making noise in a heavy Chevy

[Hook 2x]

Who on my level
That nigga end it if I want it I cop it if I got it I spend it
Hoes grinnin' as I skate by [?] on the rims
And I'm feelin' kinda clean
[?] suit and some Timb's
I'm only 18 but grown in my mind frame
My presence is dirty dirty so respect my grind mayne
I shatter hater with flow that's so much greater
If I don't sign today I still be gettin' my paper
In this music I been [?] focused on major and niggas known it
You will acknowledge my talent, them haters too scared to show it
I owe it to all the folk that saw it in me
Those few that kept it real but I promise those few ain't many
Now that I'm gettin' credit that paper I'm over flowin' with these haters
'Cuz my pockets they fatter 26's on [?]
Keep my distance from lames, I never fuck with the phony
Mississippi bread baby better act like you know me, hey

[Hook 2x]