"KRIT Speaks (Unkasa Rip)" lyrics - BIG K.R.I.T.

"KRIT Speaks (Unkasa Rip)"

Yeah my nigga ain't no stoppin' this shit man. It's a movement my nigga. When you see Big KRIT man say it's a movement See Me On Top volume 2 man get ya mother fuckin issue nigga

BK baby, Mississippi representer shawty
Check the vocab

Ay I'm back like I never left
On some two step shit
Make a nigga breath easy like he lost breath quick
With my flow's geometric, something like a rubik's cube
All I do is play the block it's something like a rubik's cube
I'm just a [?] fella fuckin' with some poster gyala
Somethin' on that model type Jessica Alba look alike
And I ain't gotta stunt let me get the [?]
Never leave the [?] without the [?]
I'm so space age pimp shit you know that
My career you could strap to c4 and couldn't blow that
I make a nigga up his vocab and [?] books
I just spit til the track go off who need hooks
I'm the newest of the newest yeah the flow so fluid
After this hit the street they probably chop it and screw it
Turn the block like stop signs [?] the payment
Try to avoid all convo's shut the fuck up and pay me
I'm [?] maintain my rep
When they asked who killed the track I'm the usual suspect
You nigga's is like dykes all mouth but no nuts
A pimp without fuckin' a pimp without sluts
And that's the day I'm shamed that ya CD is garbage
Should've thought about your future took ya ass to college
But lets be honest you niggas you don't compare to me
They just repeat the same shit like extra figures and Parakeets
[?] the cook book decay is your recipe
Hop the game rock the game accessorize accessories
I'm on another plane nigga you been riding [?]
Ay this is first class bitch you reside in coach
I'm the last of the first and the first to last
In this mixtape war we'll murk ya ass
Dispose convert down to a KRIT fan
Then you and yo bitch can have somethin' in common
I like these niggas man my flows uncommon
They call me Hiroshima cuz my flow's so bombin' nigga

BK bitch
I don't know how many bars that shit was nigga
Hey, yeah