"I Already Know" lyrics - BIG K.R.I.T.

"I Already Know"

[Hook - Big K.R.I.T.][2x]
I run my city, I'm an arrogant nigga
I run my city, I'm an arrogant nigga
You say I'm tight, I'm like I already know
You think I'm tight, I'm like I already know

[Verse 1 - Big K.R.I.T.]
At the bottom 'cause it ain't for a g
Like my music ain't been bumping since 2003
Like I ain't been one of the realest that spits for the gangstas
The pimps, hustlers, and trappers, and the boys with them swangers
A-1 strapped up, lean in my cup
Lames hating on the K but I don't give a fuck
Move wit it, jig wit it if you gots to
[?] love me and they dig me so they gon to
What it is ho? What it look like?
I got that crick crack shawty and it's whipped right
Boys think I'm playing just because I ripped the beat
Even [?] know that killer K will wreck a beat
I been affiliated ever since Mr. C
I was round here, big down here, hustling off in these streets
So you can miss me with that rap shit partner
'Cause when shit hit the fan my folk resort to them choppers


[Verse 2 -?]
We'll take the compliment, I know I'm the talk of the town
Wherever I hang around, that's where it's going down
Best believe it, I ain't conceited, I'm confident
I don't need to keep the heater with me but it compliments
My gangsta, so toughland don't tough it out
Turn a ruthless nigga to a buster when I bust it out
Leave a nigga laying in some lean with his face flat
Just 'cause he was playing when I ain't playing, nigga take that
And that's that, understand I'm a Jackson
Egghead nigga think he hard but I cracked him
Wonder why I holler "I'm the best" and the scene drop
When I spit at they team, they whole self-esteem drop
Now he all humble, walking round with his tail tucked
Yeah he comfortable now, but I can make it hell bruh
He ain't wanna fight, he just saying what he could of done
I got some advice for you, duck when the bullet come


[Verse 3 - Big K.R.I.T.]
Word is killer K about to infiltrate the game
'Cause everywhere you go you hear a player say his name
I got the hood jumping, we set the streets on fire
Ay it's a wrap, even Tad screaming more tired
Here I am, long awaited with another one
Did one that was banging, J Obie got another one
King of the queen, that's a hell of a title to call myself
But I done proved that a thousand times and nothing else

[Verse 4 -?]
Standing ovation, Deezy said it best
I sleep when I die, so ain't no need in getting rest
Bet I'm up tired, that's such an easy investment
I stand on it till the day that I stand corrected
See I'm the best you done seen in a long time
I keep a fresh book so now I got a strong mind
I miss the heat, this the AK get a best seller
Stack my paper higher than the ceiling, ask my bank teller