"Why Not (Snippet)" lyrics - BIG K.R.I.T.

"Why Not (Snippet)"

Be that nigga get that cash (what else)
Fuck them haters get that jazz (why not)
Why not
The music's on the beats are ready (what else)
The mic is warm I'm breathing heavy (aha)
(I'm knee deep in the game)

I wake up like imma be that nigga
Mo' money than I can count I gotta be that nigga
Lord knows it's a long road that winds and turns
It's so long since I felt if I cried it burns (aha)
A need to believe resides in my music (why not)
Blaze up a blunt and just ride to my music (how come)
They wanna destroy this multi movement (shiit)
Believe me that's [?] confusing
I know my shit I stay away from the haters
Ay I be rich if I just stick to the basics (right)
Don't lose hope man this rap shits nothin' (nothin')
Get in the booth and let mind push the buttons (aha)
Another hit I got that urge again (urge again)
My rap is fire but I'm stumblin on my words again (damn)
This is all I know this is future (this is future)
The only thing that separates me from these fuckin' losers