"Stop Drop Roll" lyrics - BIG K.R.I.T.

"Stop Drop Roll"
feat. Alfamega

[Hook: Alfamega [2x]]
So we ain't gotta flex nigga we got big dough
Big trucks big wheels blowing big drugs
And for the realer niggas we got big 44's
And one clip make a nigga stop drop and roll

[Verse 1: Big KRIT]
I got big dough nigga got big rides
Got chauffeurs nigga, I don't drive
18 mind frame grown and steady
Why a sucka nigga hating plotting up on livin' lavish
Sucka free best believe that's some shit to claim
BK on my hat on my shirt and my chain
Step grown get dough on some real talk
My niggas post upon the slab on some real talk
I let a pussy nigga slide cuz I'm bout some paper
Whip a nigga in the A yeah I fucks without my maker
From the sip to the ham to the block
With the book work in and I cock that drop
It's not hard young nigga cuz this ain't rocket science
Hot shit on the shelves motherfuckers got's to buy it
So keep it cool young nigga because my clique some riders
Make niggas stop drop and roll cuz we by

[Hook: Alfamega [2x]]

[Verse 2: Alfamega]
Listen I ain't got nothin' to prove to you dudes
I ain't goin' out my way to floss for you fools
Before the rap game I was [?] big twos
Slick Ricky wasn't the only nigga rockin' big jewels
While y'all was getting dressed, tryna rush to school
I was teachin' young Dre to [?] one into two
I'm the realest I know in and out the booth
'Cuz I been done the shit that y'all tryna do, Yeah
The shit you doin' now, I did that times two
The bitch you with now I bust her in 92
So I guess you could say that's throwback pussy
I'm a vet in these streets nigga I ain't no rookie
I'm a money go getter, a known head spinner
A fuck yo dude and you too nigga
I'm takin' the gloves off and I ain't playin' no more
I dare a nigga act like he don't know, c'mon

[Hook: Alfamega [2x]]