"Pushin' (Remix)" lyrics - BIG K.R.I.T.

"Pushin' (Remix)"
feat. Bun B

Hey what it is shawty, it's your boy Young Krizzle, man
I stay on my grind in my [?]
I'm telling all my folk back there in the street man [?]

(Be it the block or the grind)
Keep on pushin'
(Be it my beats or my rhymes)
Keep on pushin'
(I tell myself all the time)
Keep on pushin'
(They doubting me, so, I'mma)
Keep on pushin'

[Verse 1: Big KRIT]
Hey, they don't wanna see me get that ride
Pull up in a 7-4-5
Label me a vet 'cause when I earn mine
I'mma smoke it real slow, like when I burn mine
Already touched down, now I'm about to take over
Niggas gone hate, but I'm a motherfuckin' soldier
Full of that G shit, paying my dues
Pussy ass niggas, I got nothing to lose
[?] it in the 'ssip, then I take it across state
100,000 KRITs, that's a whole 'lotta weight
[?] and get it off, [?] or make it happen
Folk as me what to call it, I said all your trappin'
Lately Young Krizzle been on his [?]
I gave up the block but I'm sure she miss me
Niggas in the industry all about they bullshit
They'll never let me in, so I keep on pushin'


[Verse 2: Big KRIT]
I ain't another one them puppets that they puttin' out
I fucks with the hood and truly represent the south
No respect for niggas that don't write they 16
Spit another nigga thoughts and say he MC
Shouldn't ever make it, told my changer
Shawty all them tattoos don't make you a gangster
Slowin' down the game 'cause your shit ain't nice
Never struggled once, so you fabricate your life
They don't wanna see the K blow, hoggin' all they pesos
[?] I'm like they steroids and I'm Canseco
[?] hoes, getting brushed off my shoulders
And I won't stop until they careers is over
Get in the spot light pimp, can't shake your past
Come down here flashing and we'll jake your ass
'Lotta niggas in this game that I won't fool with
They don't wanna see the K blow, so I gotta keep on pushin'


[Verse 3: Bun B]
Niggas always bumping they guns and got something to sell
Motherfucker you can show me better than you can tell
Niggas say they sittin' on weight, but what do they got?
See what you scorin', playa, I can cook it all in one pot
Tryna show you a brick or two and say he in the game
But that's prolly all the work the nigga got through his dame
See you can claim a set and say you down with a clique
But if your hustle ain't correct - you never [?] you a lick
Niggas always tryna be slick, but bitch you ain't [?]
The cup is half filled and it ain't gettin' no fuller
Tryna be somebody that you probably won't be
You say you got the vision but your ass really don't see
You can't say that I'm a G and try to be that
You gotta be one and let a nigga see that
Be 'bout your business nigga and have it on your mind
And don't let [?] nigga knock you off your grind
Got keep on pushin'