"Yo Chic My Chic" lyrics - BIG K.R.I.T.

"Yo Chic My Chic"

[Hook 2x:]
Yo chick my chick today
Don't be mad if yo shawty [?] chose me
Fiddy cap air forces on my feet
I'm playing [?] in my white tee

Okay, first I hit the club
Fresh as I ever would
Lookin' for a broad to choose
Have you ever seen these shoes
Cut the small talk I love the way yo body move
What's your number ay I hit you up and we can rendezvous
And we can do the same things that the couples do
Eyes closed legs open when a playa fucks wit you
I know you dig it so the nights on
Say you wanna fuck good long and hard with the lights on
Yeah you like to watch but we can make it happen
This night'll never end shawty if you keep it clappin'
Slow it down for me baby girl give it up
Pop it on me like you still dancin' in the club
No rules for the night woman do yo thang
Ay I'm a freak shawty go and spell a playa name
Long breaths take [?] make ya back bend
Hit a playa up and we can do it all again

[Hook 2x]

Ay, it's picture perfect how I'm swerving
Top drop to the bed like
Now these hoes don't know how to act right
Ay I'm a gift to the slab in the streets
The grind and the hustle the block and the freaks
Shawty's from all over know the swagga of a pimp
They just gravitate to me cuz I don't jab her like a simp

I gets my grown man on but I'm young at heart
I'm on some Ferris wheel shit like an amusement park
When it comes to that mouth piece the K's a monster
You just mad cuz you're shawty wanna be on my roster
Killer [?] motivate a chick to get her stacks
Hit the track oh playa this should bring it back
With no emotion wedding bands or them strings attached
She can be herself around me ay I never hold her back
I beat her up good send her on her merry way
Ay don't be mad that yo chick was my chick today

[Hook 2x]