"Everybody Waitin" lyrics - BIG K.R.I.T.

"Everybody Waitin"

Hey yo, Krizzle shawty!
300 block, 3rd Coast, Multi Records, Kritikal Productions
Multi Alumni baby
And they been patiently waiting on me
I'm highly anticipated around the cities man
Ask your favorite DJ, it's going down

A new breed of the South, I'm the one they talkin' 'bout
Everybody waiting on me, everybody waiting on me
I'm like the only dope boy in the country in a drought
Everybody waiting on me, everybody waiting on me
Hey, I pull up to the club in a drop-top Jag
Everybody waiting on me, everybody waiting on me
And they said I wouldn't make it but I come right back
Everybody waiting on me, everybody waiting on me

Hey, yo, Krizzle got the next spot, it'll prolly be the best spot
Hey niggas out here doubting me? Fuck 'em, I'm a vet now
Smokin' on some killa, gettin' brain, playing Xbox
Relaxing that I'm countin' cash, while you niggas is stressed out
Clean as a whistle, with the skills some would kill for
I came to get this money, what the fuck these niggas here for
Bubble gum rappers get no love where I come from
Hey you can up and disappear for a small lump sum
Fuck what they say about me, never say it to my face
Naw I ain't no killa, but don't push me to a murder case
Hey, I know niggas that'll do a hit and never hesitate
They hit ya in your head, face, chest, and your vertebra


Hey, I'm right back to it like that nigga the shit
I drill the underground just to see how deep I can get
Hey I ran '0-5 to be the King '0-6
I'm so live young nigga, you need to get like this
Ozone magazine got me patiently waitin'
The 'Sip know it, love it, and glad to see one of us made it
Shawty showin' ass, titties, in more public of places
Hey, it's amazing how a song get a chick butt naked
They've been waiting on the Krizzle so I give it to 'em cuhz
Uncut raw, nigga all of the above
I got that [?] like flow for these lame ass niggas
No dough, no flow, no game ass niggas


It only took me a year to infiltrate the game
And for them niggas sitting comfy, you ain't outta my range
I'm 19 with a flow that's a killer
I'm the best thing going since Chinchilla in the Winter
A&R's gettin' at me 'cause they say I'm the best
With deep mind, my grind, no doubt we got next
Oh yes, I got rep and they shit don't flow
So if them bridges burning nigga, yea I got my boat
Know I got that yacht, where them hoes gon' chew
On my [?] nigga 'cause I got that jewels
It's 'bout time I got mine because I paid my dues
A new breed of the South, pimpin' I can't lose