"One Day 2006" lyrics - BIG K.R.I.T.

"One Day 2006"

Aye this a [?] T.V exclusive bitch
Hey turn it up a little bit
Young Krizzle my nigga
Talk to em'
DJ Wally Sparks what it is?
Hood Fame shorty
Gotta watch out for these rats and snakes my nigga
One day you're here next day you're gone

Niggas see you on that block, Niggas knowin' what you got
Don't think your ass can't get shot
One day you're here next day you're gone
Everybody ain't your friend, everybody ain't your foe
You gotta watch em' from the door
One day you're here next day you're gone
Some of these people out here burnin'
Don't let haters hear concernin'
Don't take more than what you owe
One day you're here next day you're gone
Just keep your feet up on the ground, and your head to the sky
Thank the lord your alive
One day you're here next day you're gone

Its like I'm trapped on the porch I was raised on
Day in day out its like the same song
And all my folks know that I'm real about it
And that ish too many niggas gettin' killed about it
And I cannot make paper workin' 9 to 5
I gotta hustle but it really ain't workin' out
And when them fiends come, so quick divide them dimes
Then them narks come so quick and bust our grind
I ain't trippin' cuz' I'm still lookin' towards the future
And I'ma eat as long as they keep makin' Ramen Noodles
And I don't mean to act like we ain't really gettin' paper
But I'm here to tell all my players it gets greater later
Back in the days when I was young I'm not a kid anymore
Some days I say I wish I was a kid again
I hope I'm not losin' y'all when I do these songs
Somedays like sometimes I feel like I can't go on
One day your here next day your gone


I'm back again like I never left
And I ignore the pain and struggle like I never felt
I roll around with my folk, they got them 20's man
Then I go home and realize just how poor I am
But I ain't jealous, I ain't trippin, cuz' I'm gettin' mine
Ain't like the lord forgot about me he just needs some time
Look I ain't gonna preach to you like these other guys
Man I ain't been to church in months but I still pay my tithes
A dollar here, a dollar there it ought to make it better
Cuz' I'm aware that I ain't gonna be on this Earth forever
If I don't make it to the top cuz' of bad direction
Maybe DJ Screw will chop my cd up one day in heaven
Plenty niggas been here, plenty niggas gone
Plenty niggas doing time never comin' home
And to my niggas in the struggle grindin' hard stay strong
Cuz' one day you're here shorty then the next day you're