"It Was All A Dream" lyrics - BIG K.R.I.T.

"It Was All A Dream"

It was all a dream I used to read Murder Dogg magazine
Wanted to be a dope boy so I could ride clean
Fuck boi ya'll ain't playing no stunts
I went from ashy to classy in only ten months
I'm starting to think I wasn't built for this planet
As a child momma told me I was just too mannish
Lost Annie May in '95 was a hard summer
Miss [?] was like a mother I'd die if I lose another
Ain't been to church in a while so they say I'm vile
Fuck them I still pray and I pay my ties
Besides the only one that roots for me is the Lord
I'm a gladiator baby I'mma die with the sword
If they turn their back on me 'cause I spoke from my heart
I just pack up my shit and take a trip to Mars
'Cause a hustla gonna hustle forever
Since it's hell on Earth I got the nerve to say good bye to the devil

Can I live?
Ya'll niggas don't see my dreams
I hustle all night just to get more cream
Can I live?
Ay papi I need them things
Put crack on the track like habit to the fiends
Can I live?
Drop top Chevy's and coupes
Polo clothes with the polo shoes
Can I live?
Trophies, awards, diamonds, and plagues
It's all good but I need them stacks go and get this crack

I just want it in the worst way
Copped my first pair of J's in the 10th grade
Sold some stacks to get games for my PlayStation
Papa never knew about it told him I was saving
Tired of living in the shadow of my brother
Started hanging with some O.G. that told me just be [?]
It's kind of hard to see the light without the darkness
I'm through with excusing niggas and begging bitches pardon
Win or lose young man only time will tell
You'll be surprised how many lames wanna see me fail
Never been secure pimpin' always been a mover
Favorite rapper, favorite rapper, favorite producer
Hey I sleep with my eyes on 'cause life ain't fair
My friends ain't family and family ain't there
Like BIG I got these Suicidal Thoughts
A couple kush blunts, patron playboy, and a Mo